Organisations must change before managers can

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Organisations must change before managers can

Organisations must make changes to their culture if managers are to fulfil the coaching role now expected of them

The majority of employers (99%) believe coaching can deliver tangible benefits to both individuals and organisations and 88% now expect their line managers to deliver coaching as part of their day-to-day work. However, 17% do not think that line managers are effective coaches. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) believes that organisations must change before managers will be able to adopt a coaching role. But it is important that employers work to get the buy-in of employees and create a culture within their organisation to make it work.

David Clutterbuck, believes that "Coaching can help manage performance by addressing individual's weaknesses and potentials, making sure staff have the knowledge to fulfil their role and develop so that they can take on new projects and progress within the organisation.

"Most organisations are now using their line managers to develop staff through coaching. This can have huge benefits, making employees feel their line managers and the organisation as a whole care about their development and job satisfaction. However, if coaching is to deliver on its promise, employers need to ensure that line managers are provided with sufficient training themselves."

A systematic approach is needed when coaching staff in order to achieve change. There are seven stages of coaching

  • Identify the need
  • Gather the evidence
  • Motivate and set targets
  • Planning how to achieve
  • Create opportunities to practise
  • Observe and give feedback
  • Support through the setbacks

 Getting coaching established within a culture means having to train coachees as coaches; the embedding group must include senior line managers as well as HR; coaching needs to be incorporated into the way that business is done; and change needs introducing in a coaching way.

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