The Salmon of Knowledge Stories for Work, Life, the Dark Shadow, and Ones Self
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The Salmon of Knowledge Stories for Work, Life, the Dark Shadow, and Ones Self




Nick Owen




256 pages






48 hours


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Stories and metaphors to make you stop and think

A collection of stories, analogies and metaphors that invite us to pause and consider what is really important in our lives, our work, and ourselves. They challenge us to re-connect the different parts of our lives, recognise how easy it is to get distracted by contemporary culture and the pace of modern life, and to pay attention to whatever deeper parts of ourselves seek expression.


The stories invite us to slow down, take more time to reflect, experience the world from wider perspectives, and make wiser and more sustainable choices. They invite us to put ourselves squarely in the centre of the on-going story that is our life, to take greater responsibility for connecting to what serves us, others, and the wider context, and to find a greater variety of ways to express ourselves fully through our life, our work, and everything we can be.


Varied and wide ranging the stories are pragmatic, some spiritual, some light-hearted, some provocative, some work related, while others still are closer to home. All of them challenge the reader to consider the life they are currently living, and ways they could deepen and enhance it for themselves, and others in a wide variety of applications and contexts.


About Nick Owen


Nick Owen is Director of Nick Owen Associates Ltd., a learning and development organisation that specialises in developing leaders, communicators, and influencers to operate in today’s challenging contexts.


His clients range across FTSE 100 companies, educational institutions, health services, as well as some of the poorest and least privileged communities in Africa and South East Asia He is an Associate Lecturer at the De Baak Management Centrum in the Netherlands and at Rotterdam Erasmus University.


He studied at Durham, Manchester, and Oxford Universities, is an NLP trainer and master practitioner, and certificated practitioner in Reversal Theory, Spiral Dynamics, and the Harthill Leadership Development Framework.


His philosophy is that learning and development should be sustainable, useful, multi-layered, and fun.

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