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Career Conversations


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Confidential career coaching conversations for every stage of your employees’ career

Career Conversations are individual, confidential career coaching sessions.

Career Conversations are ideal for staff who are:

  • adjusting to a new role,
  • seeking promotion or career development,
  • considering an important career decision or
  • may not be in the right role.

The aim of a Career Conversation is to,

  • stop a career being something that happens to your employee, and
  • instead give your employee the confidence to take control of their career.

A Career Conversation will help your employee to

  • define the lifestyle they want to have, and
  • identify what they want to do to achieve that lifestyle.

Through focused coaching your employee will create an action plan for themselves of the steps they need to take

  • achieve their career ambitions, and
  • fulfil their lifestyle aspirations.

Career Conversations will enable your employee to understand what having a good work life balance means to them.

Your employee will be encouraged to decide:

  • what you really want to do at work and away from work,
  • if they need to change their job, the direction of their career, or mover their career upwards or sideways,

If your employee decides that they want to stay as they are, their Career Coach will help them identify what they need to do to achieve this.

Career Conversations focus on helping your employee to:

  • discover their strengths,
  • understand their personality,
  • clarify their values,
  • define their goals,
  • identify mindsets that hold them back,
  • understand the challenges that they face,
  • create their own objective based action-plan.

Career Conversations as part of Abeceder H2R

Career Conversations can be part of the Abeceder Hiring to Retiring (H2R) employee management solution.

The employee management solution that covers every aspect of the employer employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

Legal Support

It is important that both employers and employees seek appropriate legal advice during periods when career changes are being discussed.

Your WPLC adviser will provide a checklist of the correct process for employers when having a career related conversation with an employee.

If required, your WPLC adviser will with your agreement facilitate an introduction to an employment law solicitor.

Career Conversations work best with employees who are at a crossroads of some kind, whether they realise it or not.

Career Conversations can be customised to meet the needs of any size or type of employer.

Potential Career Conversations can be organised to help an employee who is:

  • capable but is struggling to achieve their potential,
  • thinks they have more potential than they demonstrate.

Life Stages Career Conversations can be used to help employees who are experiencing changes in their life:

  • marriage,
  • parenthood,
  • bereavement.

Performance Management Career Conversations can be organised following a performance review meeting in which the employee has found it difficult to answer questions like:

  • Do you enjoy what you do?
  • If you were starting your career again, would you still be doing what you are doing today?
  • How does the idea of doing the same thing in 1/2/3/4 years’ time make you feel?
  • How does the prospect of doing something different feel?

Disciplinary and Grievance Career Conversations can be agreed as a viable outcome of a disciplinary process or grievance procedure.

When an employee’s:

  • performance has slipped below the required standard,
  • attitude to work or colleagues has changed and is affecting their performance, or their colleagues.

Employee Benefits Career Conversations can be included in an employee benefits programme that any employee can take advantage of, without notifying their manager.

Voluntary Redundancies Career Conversations can be used to help employees decide if they wish to be considered for inclusion in a voluntary redundancy programme

We will be happy to discuss the pricing options for Career Conversations.

We will be happy to discuss the pricing options for bulk purchases of Career Conversations.

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to discuss the different career development options that you are considering and how they compare to the Career Conversations solution.

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