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Career Management Webinars




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Webinars to support employees facing enforced career change

Most people think about their careers when they think about changing their job or are forced to change their job.

Proactive career management can play a key role in both individual and organisational employee development:

  • improve employee retention,
  • increase employee motivation,
  • coach and develop talent to meet the organisation’s future needs,
  • help employees address career-related issues,
  • facilitate positive exits for the employees whose future lies elsewhere.

Having a career development focused conversation that looks at every aspects of career management can help:

  • managers to understand their employee’s ambitions,
  • employees to appreciate the opportunities available to them:
  • stop employees treading water in a job, not fulfilling potential, and building resentment,
  • understand an employees’ work ambitions and lifestyle aspirations.

Proactive career management should be an integral part of the performance management process, because it can help with:

  • Raising awareness of, and activating the latent potential of your workforce,
  • attracting high quality candidates to your organisation
  • increasing the return on investment derived from staff training and development,
  • enhancing employee engagement and motivation,
  • encouraging people to think about what they need to do to maintain their employability,
  • enabling informed and realistic organisational succession planning

Career Management Webinars are designed for staff groups who may be:

  • settling into new roles following a restructuring, • actively seeking career development,
  • facing mid to long term career uncertainty,
  • engaged in a programme of enforced employment change.

Career Management Webinars are intended to assist employees to assess their current situation and develop a career action plan for the future.

Career Management Webinars typically cover:

  • managing career transition,
  • self-assessment of skills and experience,
  • exploring your options,
  • talking about yourself positively,
  • proactive career management strategies to uncover opportunities,
  • how to “sell yourself,”
  • how to have a career conversation with your manager
  • identifying career blocks and the resources that will help you overcome them,
  • devising a practical career action plan to achieve your career goals.

Career Management Webinars are always lively, engaging, and informative they make the perfect way to support larger groups of staff.

Career Management Webinars as part of Abeceder H2R

Personal Career Management can be part of the Abeceder Hiring to Retiring (H2R) employee management solution.

The employee management solution that covers every aspect of the employer employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

Legal Support

It is important that both employers and employees seek appropriate legal advice during enforced career changes.

Your WPLC adviser will provide a checklist of the correct process for employers when terminating the employment of a director or senior manager.

If required, your WPLC adviser will with your agreement facilitate an introduction to an employment law solicitor.

Career Management Webinars can be designed to meet the needs of any group of employees at any stage of their career.

Career Management Webinars have been created in the past to meet the needs of a wide range of different organisations and groups of employees.

We are confident that a Career Management Webinar can be created to fulfil the needs of your organisation, and your employees.

We will be happy to discuss the different ways in which Career Management Webinars can be purchased.

Buying Career Management Webinars in bulk?

We will be happy to discuss the advantages available for bulk purchases of Career Management Webinars.

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to discuss the different Career Management Webinar options that you are considering and how they compare to this solution.

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