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Director Outplacement




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Outplacement support for director and senior management level employees

A Personal Career Management Director Outplacement programme is a straight-forward solution to changing career circumstances.

The Personal Career Management programme starts with the director or senior manager who is experiencing enforced career change being invited to an introductory conversation, either face to face or via video conferencing so that their needs can be fully understood.

The aim is to ensure that they start their outplacement experience with a clear plan that will help them get the best results from their experience of Personal Career Management programme.

They will then be carefully matched with a specialist executive career coach, who will support them throughout their outplacement programme, advising on career topics including:

  • MANAGING CAREER UNCERTAINTY - Providing practical and psychological support to help rebuild confidence after an enforced career change,
  • CAREER REVIEW - Reviewing their career and helping to decide what would be the next best step for them,
  • PERSONAL PROFILE - Understanding values, working-style, needs and aspirations to identify what is needed next,
  • CAREER CAPITAL - Articulating skills and expertise and focusing on what to offer.
  • CAREER OPTIONS - Exploring ideas and reality-testing different roles,
  • CAREER ACTION PLAN - Devising an action plan and campaign strategy,
  • CV, LINKEDIN, COVERING LETTERS & APPLICATIONS - Developing authentic and persuasive written materials and online presence,
  • MANAGING AGENCIES & HEAD-HUNTERS - Who to contact and how to manage these relationships,
  • INTERVIEW, NETWORKING & PRESENTATION SKILLS - Interview practice, crafting key messages and maximising personal impact,
  • UNADVERTISED OPPORTUNITIES - Proactive tactics to uncover opportunities.
  • TRANSITIONING INTO A NEW ROLE - Considering offers and on-boarding in a new role,
  • ALTERNATIVE EMPLOYMENT ROUTES - Self-employment, freelancing, consultancy, interim working, or retirement planning,
  • RESEARCH SERVICES – the research team can provide information on companies, recruiters and industry reports which can then be used for proactive job search campaigns and interview preparation,
  • ICAREERCOACH™ - this online portal supports the entire outplacement journey and is available 24/7.

The Director Outplacement programme includes all aspects of the outplacement programme but may also include:

  • Guidance on Non-Executive Directorship roles, greater focus on working with head-hunters, consultancy working, networking and profile-raising,
  • In-depth support for the rigorous recruitment processes and negotiations normally undertaken for senior corporate hires,
  • Support for on-boarding in their new role.

The Director Outplacement programme includes:

  • Unlimited phone support for ad hoc queries,
  • Personal research manager for bespoke information requests,
  • Flexibility to use the coaching hours any time within 3 years,
  • Networking via our online client events and LinkedIn community.

Director Outplacement Support as part of Abeceder H2R Personal Career Management can be part of the Abeceder Hiring to Retiring (H2R) employee management solution.

The employee management solution that covers every aspect of the employer employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

Legal Support It is important that both employers and employees seek appropriate legal advice during enforced career changes.

Your WPLC adviser will provide a checklist of the correct process for employers when terminating the employment of a director or senior manager.

If required, your WPLC adviser will with your agreement facilitate an introduction to an employment law solicitor.

This programme is designed to support the specific outplacement needs of directors and senior level managers

Every Director Outplacement Programme is unique, designed around the needs of the employee being supported and the resources available.

The Personal Career Management adviser will explore the requirements with you and design a programme of support that is personalised to meet the needs of your employee.

The director outplacement support that you provide to your former director or senior manager will be designed around the specific requirements of each person involved.

Successful past outplacement assignments have involved:

  • 100 hours of career coaching, 12 months unlimited phone support 36 months access to icareercoach™ £20,000 for coaching via Zoom or Skype 
  • 45 hours of career coaching 12 months unlimited phone support 24 months access to icareercoach™ £10,000 for coaching via Zoom or Skype 
  • 30 Hours of career coaching 12 months unlimited phone support 18 months access to icareercoach™ £7,000 for coaching via Zoom or Skype 
  • 20 Hours of career coaching 12 months unlimited phone support 18 months access to icareercoach™ £5,000 for coaching via Zoom or Skype

We will be happy to discuss the pricing advantages of buying director outplacement support for more than one person.

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to discuss the different outplacement options that you are considering and how they compare to the Personal Career Management solution.

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02 Jun 2021

Director Outplacement helped me achieve greater clarity, confidence and focus. As a result, I received a number of job offers. I chose a role that has a Board Director career path, stock holding potential and a real opportunity to contribute to the direction and success of the company. Peter Miller, Sales Director

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