Group Outplacement Support
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Group Outplacement Support




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Large scale outplacement support programmes

When you have to say good-bye to more than one employee and want to help them adapt to the enforced change in their career and secure the right new opportunity for them as quickly as possible.

This group outplacement support programme enables you to provide cost effective high value outplacement support to any number of displaced employees.

There are 3 key elements to the outplacement support for groups of staff:

  1. our unique online outplacement portal. This can be offered as a stand-alone package or be combined with either or both of the other two elements.
  2. live interactive sessions or on-demand
  3. sessions with one of our expert career coaches

You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will be on hand to offer advice, manage the scheduling, provide employee communications, and provide you with regular feedback.

Group Outplacement Support as part of Abeceder H2R Personal Career Management can be part of the Abeceder Hiring to Retiring (H2R) employee management solution. The employee management solution that covers every aspect of the employer employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

Legal Support

It is important that both employers and employees seek appropriate legal advice during enforced career changes.

Your WPLC adviser will provide a checklist of the correct process for employers when terminating the employment of a director or senior manager.

If required, your WPLC adviser will with your agreement facilitate an introduction to an employment law solicitor.

This programme is intended for employers who want to provide outplacement to a lot of employees.

When large numbers of people are leaving their employer there is no single solution that will meet the needs of every individual.

This is why, your group outplacement support programme will be designed in conjunction with you so that you can be confident you are providing appropriate support to all of your employees.

We will be happy to discuss the pricing options for group outplacement programmes.

If you have a particular budget in mind, the buying options may include a pay as you go option for when an employee decides they want to take advantage of your offer of outplacement support or you may opt for a fixed price, all-inclusive package.

We will be happy to discuss the pricing options for group outplacement programmes.

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to discuss the different outplacement options that you are considering and how they compare to the Personal Career Management solution.

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02 Jun 2021

We needed to relocate over 200 jobs. Personal Career Management’s attention to detail, the quality of their services and the evident care for our employees made a real positive difference to our employees and to the success of our radical business transformation. Helen Wallace Global HR Director - SThree

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