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Hazardous Waste Poster




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Environmental Awareness Poster Featuring characters from The Simpson's 

Every year businesses throw away thousands of kilogrammes of unwanted products.

Improperly discarded solid, liquid or gaseous waste materials can endanger human health, animals and the environment.

Use this safety poster which features characters from the global hit TV series The Simpsons to raise awareness of the dangers of disposing of any type of waste in the wrong way.

Use this eye catching environmental awareness safety education poster as a stand-a-lone way of raising awareness of the risks that the hazardous waste in your workplace or as the ideal way to reinforce your environmental training.

Get your environmental message noticed by positioning this environmental education poster in areas that your employees and visitors pass through regularly or for perhaps the greatest reinforcement of your environmental training position your environmental posters in places where people least expect to see them.

This environmental safety education poster can be used as part of a S*A*F*E* safety training programme designed to meet the specific health and safety needs of the hazards and risks that your business faces.

This poster will help inform employees about the benefits of

  • reducing,
  • reusing and
  • recycling waste,

As well as educating them about the dangers of working with hazardous materials. As a bonus, undertake a waste materials audit and save your company money.

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The Return on Investment

Using this learning resource could have a positive impact on the insurance premiums that your organisation pays.

There are no pre-requisites that should be met before using this learning resource.

These safety posters featuring the characters from the hit TV series The Simpsons can assist with health and safety education in any organisation regardless of size, type or location.

Since The Simpsons TV series was first broadcast in 1989 over 600 episodes across more than 30 seasons have been shown, making it both, the longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American scripted prime time television series.

The Simpsons is shown around the world and the characters, although animated, are international celebrities, with their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Several of the catch phrases used by the characters in the series have been adopted into the English language.

As an animated series The Simpsons is recognised initiating the growth of adult-oriented animated sitcoms.

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This poster can be purchased as part of a range of different learning solutions.

Option 1 - As a stand-a-lone poster to support existing safety education activities.

Option 2 - As part of a S*A*F*E* programme

Option 3 - As part of a blended learning solution with learning resources selected from across the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue.

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