Performance Coaching
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Performance Coaching






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The fast way to achieving an ITOL performance coaching qualification

If you are looking to gain a coaching qualification but time is short you have landed on the right page. 

We have the fast-track' option for professionals who wish to complete their coaching qualification in a shorter period of time.

Our delivery partner, 360 HR Solutions, a licensed centre of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) has developed a 'fast-track' option for professionals who wish to complete their coaching studies in a shorter period of time.


The ITOL Certificate in Performance Coaching is designed for people who want to achieve a high level of coaching proficiency.

In this course you will move beyond the traditional behavioural coaching frameworks to explore more detailed approaches to performance coaching.

You will also explore the dimensions of human behaviour that can be a sticking point to sustained performance improvement.


The benefits of coaching to improve performance have long been recognised and this certificate gives managers, team leaders and HR professionals an accredited way to gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to coach effectively in the workplace.


The Creator

Our fast-track qualification program has been specially designed by Dr Stephen Littler, with input from professional sports coaches as well as HR and L&D practitioners to ensure learning can be applied back in the workplace with immediate effect.


The Tutors

The tutors you'll meet on our program are subject matter experts, and combine academic expertise with years of hands-on business and industry experience.

They are passionate about their work, and have demonstrated their ability to facilitate top-quality learning and translate theories and models into your day-to-day reality.

What You Will Cover


  • The Principles of Performance Coaching

You will be able to explain the principles that underpin coaching and which make it unique from other forms of development such as mentoring and training. These principles will guide everything you do as a coach from then on.


  • The Skills of Performance Coaching

You will learn what skills you need to develop to be an effective performance coach including interpersonal, communication and organisational skills


  • Powerful Communication Skills

Powerful communication skills: You will be able to use this tool to clarify the specific areas of concern of the person you are helping and enable them to assess the challenges they need to overcome.


  • Coaching Models

You will be able to use two powerful coaching models to create success. You will be able to help the individual to identify goals, where they are currently, the range of options for taking action and the specific steps they will take to achieve their goal. These models help to create a commitment to action and identify hindrances.


  • Goal Setting Models

You will be able to use different goal setting models to ensure an individual can identify their goals in detail pinning down how they will know that they have succeeded, what the goal gives them and why it motivates them, the time frame for achieving it and makes it difficult such that coaching is needed.


  • Values in Coaching

Allowing people to ensure that the work they do works with, rather than against, their values is crucial in achieving lasting performance improvement. You will learn how to find out someone's core values and how these can be harnessed for success.


  • Feedback in Coaching

You will be able to provide the most appropriate feedback to your coach and

do so in a way that helps motivation.



You will be continuously assessed throughout the programme as you demonstrate practical skills. You will also keep a reflective learning journal and this will form the basis of a guided conversation with your trainer.



This fast-track certificate is built around an intensive 2-day practical workshop but also include:

  •  Pre-course reading
  • Case study analysis
  • Self-learning material
  • Reflective learning journal



  • Student registration
  • All training materials
  • A copy of "Coaching for Performance"
  • Certificate in Performance Coaching
  • On successful completion of the course you will be eligible to apply for individual membership of the ITOL. 


This training course is ideal for people who are involved in managing how other people work, or who are about to embark on a role that will involve them in managing the performance of other people.

You don't need to be a line manager with a hierarchical role over other people you may be a project manager, HR officer or team leader.

What you will need is an interest in using coaching to manage performance 

If you are working in a specific type of environment or with a specific type of employee we can customise the training to meet your specific objectives.

We are happy to discuss the options available for financing your investment in learning

If you have more than one person who would like to take this course please contact us to discuss the options for buying in bulk

There are a number of coaching qualifications available from different awarding bodies and institutes.

We will be happy to discuss your personal situation and learning objectives, to ensure that you make the correct choice. 

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